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By: admin
In recent years sex has changed from the simple sex between couples either married, engagae or dating. It was just the simple foreplay of touching and kissing of the lips and neck. Over the years it evolved into more foreplay where men and women can find that sensual feeling from just the tongue and the fingers. It even changed in the way of not being something of true feelings and emotions and love. Now it is mainly about pleassure and ability to perform at your best. Now it is a symbol that is shown as an important aspect of every human being who know about the aspects of sex and also who have the ability of performing this act.

In this century of sexually explicit ideas and products the simple orgasm was mainly intended for the female body. Where most products on the market give rise to satisfying a woman's body. The human body has many different nerve points and the all are aroused in sexual acts. The feeling a woman gets when she has an orgasm.

Now in my own sexual encounters I am what you would call a blossoming rose of this sexual influenced world. As a woman I speak for all women when I say having and orgasm is a feeling of utter satisfaction. The only way I can explain it to you is the feeling of every nerve in your body pulling at the same time which cause you to make that sensual noise that turns a man on.

I have found the new wave of the woman's sexual ability -- it does not involve any sex but I will tell you this will revolutionize the hold woman will have over men. There is a spot I have found on the male body that can give him the feeling that women get when they are experiencing an orgasm. Below the stomach close to the hip bone use your tongue and lick gently, don't stop and he will experience the most devine feeling ever he will have -- no controll over anything -- not even to stop you. This I call the male orgasm.
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