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By: admin
Moving into a new community might cause you a difficulty in finding new friends. You barely know anyone. You feel lonely.

Should you just sit down and hope that someone to come to you, take your hand, ask you to be his/her friend?

I don't think so. You've got to make the move!


1. Look into Yourself

Decide first what kind of persons you'd prefer to be your friends. Do you want to make friends with those who have the same hobbies and interests with you, or the same gender, or the same age? Or, do you wish to be friends with those who have totally different passions so you can find something else more interesting in life.

2. Don't be shy!

It might not be easy for some people, I know. But, if you keep being a shy person, you wouldn't make friend easily. As I said earlier, make the move. Strengthen yourself, get rid of any timidity from your heart and approach someone whom you think you have a certain compatibility with.

3. Put that smile on your face

Not a smirk but a sincere and nice smile. People would like those who smile a lot more than whose face is lifeless.

4. Be yourself

Don't fake anything. If you do, you won't find it interesting to continue the relationship for you must feel tired of being someone else, not the real you.

5. Don't be afraid to fail

Don't expect to get a very good friend at your first attempt. Be ready to fail. Friendship also needs chemistry. There is always a possibility that you don't have any chemistry with the person that you earlier approached. Or, that person doesn't have it with you.

Some people are taking friends for granted. But, when they get into a situation when they actually have no friend and have to start one, they realize that friendship is like a flower that needs to be watered and fertilized.
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