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Are you a man looking for a fashion statement without going for the overdrive? You can be discreet but upbeat with pocket watches. The women will find you intriguing and very macho each time you fish out your small gold timepiece from your vest pocket.

Macho Fashion Sense

Pocket watches were invented back in the 1500s; these were cumbersome pieces and had to be worn like a necklace. Somebody came up with a better idea and invented gold chains or fobs to be attached to the watch. At that time, wristwatches were deemed feminine so these pocket timepieces were the rage in men's accessories.

These pocket watches were crafted in gold, silver, and platinum and adorned with sapphires, emeralds, and rubies. During this era, gentlemen from wealthy families owned these traditional time pieces that reflected their clout and power. These were valued family heirlooms, passed from the fathers to their eldest sons.

Fortunately, in this generation, the average Joe can buy himself a pocket watch to show heĆ­s got the fashion flair and the savvy. It's also no longer necessary to flex his muscles or show off that heĆ­s got what it takes to be a hunk. Decked in his finery, there would be no opportunity to do that. His option is to try those pocket watches to match the ambience.

Just imagine Brad Pitt in a smashing suit flicking a gold pocket watch open. That will send the girls drooling. You don't have to be a Brad Pitt to catch the girls' interest. Women, who know the value of these watches, will eye you with interest, whether you have one of those open-faced or hunter case time pieces. Be a Wyatt Earp with your new dashing pocket timepiece.

The Different Types of Pocket Watches

If you're shopping for dressy or simple pocket watches, you can find several styles online. There are different designs for different occasions. If you're into sports, try pocket watches with built-in compass, thermometer, and flashlight.

For dressy events, there are the silver and gold pocket watches in various designs to choose from. These may or may not come with a 12" chain. The casual look for everyday use are also crafted in gold and platinum. Even Harry Potter fans can have their own pocket watches!

Collector's Treasures

For collectors, there are more choices with the emergence of non-traditional designs. Or if they want the traditional style, they should watch out for blogs announcing auctions of antique watches of all makes. Flea markets also produce a gem or two of old watches.

If you're thinking of showing up in the next party, dare to be a class apart with a gold or silver pocket watch. You'll have the crowd buzzing and asking you how you got a stunning showpiece. Or re-establish a tradition in your family. Get one of those pocket watches you can proudly pass on to your eldest son. He'll be proud to wear it like a true hunk.
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