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Living God's purpose for your life takes a special set of skills and techniques. One of the questions I hear often is, "Where Do I Begin?" Being clear about your kingdom assignment is not enough. Realizing and really understanding God's vision for your life is an amazing feeling, but it is part of a journey. In order to move to new levels you must first clear and prepare your life for vision. You must create an environment that cultivates the success your heart deeply desires.

The first step to begin getting your life ready is faith. It is time to start believing God 100% for provision, protection, guidance and support with your vision. Too many believers stay at jobs they are not called to do and settle for struggle because they don't fully trust that God will provide financially for them and their family. Stepping into faith alleviates the fear that can stop or slow you from moving forward. Your faith is the critical component that activates the substance of the unseen world and heavenly hosts that work on your behalf for your success.

As important as faith is, it must be demonstrated through your works or action. The next step is to take bold action. It is about taking baby steps each and every day. Ask yourself, "Where should I begin?" Complete that instruction. When you do this daily, you will look back after a week, month, or a year and be shocked at the progress you have made.

There are people waiting on you to help them and the longer it takes you to start bringing forth your vision, the longer they will continue to suffer because you are the one God has chosen to make a different in their life. Just as with an emergency health crisis, the emergency aid technicians would apply CPR, you will also need a little CPR to move forward. The CPR you apply to breathing life into your vision stands for Confession, Prayer, and Readiness.

ß Confess. First, you must confess any disobedience, fear, hesitation and excuses. Tell the truth about what you have allowed to get in the way of you taking steps to move your vision forward. Because vision is a spiritual issue, connecting with God, your power source, is imperative to bringing it forth. Once you've confessed, it is time to pray.

ß Pray. Ask God for whatever you need to move forward. The Word tells us to ask for what we need and desire and to believe it. Prayer is the gateway through which God sends forth the necessary resources for your vision.

ß Readiness. It is time to create order. Order is a spiritual issue that is often represented as an issue with your ability to be organized. When you think of order, you may think of organization. The truth is, organization is a natural result of order and order begins in your spirit. That is why your environment will always be a reflection of your state of mind. If your mind is cluttered and stressed, your environment will reflect this clutter. Stop and take a good look at your world: what do you see? Do you see order? Do you see the life of someone about to launch powerfully into a new level of life or do you see someone who is living the life of being over-busy, stretched too thin and not having enough time and energy to put toward their vision?

Once your CPR is complete, it's time to get to work. Your physical world must support the order you need to make this wonderful transition to living God's vision fulltime. Here are a few more steps to take you on your way:

ß Make Space on your plate. Most people make the mistake of committing to their vision, yet they do not take a critical look at how much time and energy they have to actually do what is required to be successful. Let go of those time commitments that are not forwarding your vision and exchange them for those commitments that manifest God's purpose.

ß Prepare your Vessel. Your vision is only as good as the vessel God uses to bring it through. When you are tired, your vision is tired. When you are rested and strengthened, the vision God brings through you is strong, clear and concise. You must take great care of your body in order to powerfully bring forth your vision. Make sure you have a spiritual and physical routine of exercise and eating foods that energize you. What other areas of your health need some attention?

ß Clear out your Relationships. I don't want to go into Success 101, so I trust you already know the importance of surrounding yourself with positive, affirming and "self-esteemed" (yes, another word I made up, but I think it best captures what I am trying to say) people. Spend time only with people that contribute to your success and reciprocate all that you give. Take a look at family first. They are often the ones that are the most challenge.

Do not delay. Your ideal life is waiting for you and only you can do the work God has for especially for you. Simple, isn't it? It is, yet so many of us are not taking any steps. It's time to come up from fear and get busy being on purpose for The Lord. You now know how to access the inner wisdom God has given you. As you take daily steps, you will free those around you to get on their purpose and you can change the world as we know it.
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