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Microphone stands are used to hold up microphones. These types of stands are used in any situation where there is need to keep a microphone near a sound source, or keep ones hands free while performing or giving a speech. Microphone stands keep the microphone on a fixed position for the singer or performer. There are many different Microphone stands that accommodate the variability of microphone uses. Quality, durability and versatility are usually attributes that constitute a good microphone stand. Most microphone stands are based on a round-base stand. The most commonly found models are relatively new and are made to accommodate onstage performances. These stands are 5/8 inches and use 27 standard American threads with locking washer and a solid-cast ends.

Some of the major types of microphone stands are round base mic stand, boom combo stands, tripod base stands and quick release round base. These models are also build with durability and versatility in mind. Microphone stands are relatively inexpensive. Prices however vary depending on materials used to build, as well as the usability of each stand. Some stands are more versatile than others and can be used for more than one purpose. Although they vary in colours, most of them come in the black colour. There are microphone stands that use clamps and locks to rims and stands. Most microphone stands are adjustable and can change lengths to suit any height requirement. The most commonly used microphone is the one designed for on stage performances and is the most commonly microphone stand. The majority of these microphone stands are designed with adjustable-height shafts and locking clutches.

Konig & Meyer (K&M) and Hercules are two major manufacturers of microphone stands. Other various microphone stands brands are Karaoke microphone stands, Proel microphone stands, Caymon microphone stands and Gooseneck microphone stands. Microphone stands are used to keep a microphone in the right recording position. They are commonly used to maintain microphones at the right distances from sound sources. Microphones are used to hold drum microphones near the drums or cymbals while the drummer performs. There are microphone stands specifically designed for holding kick drum microphones for recording the base drum. Another important use of the microphone stand is for the recording acoustic performances with non-electric instruments.

In addition to recording drums, and acoustic instruments, microphone stands are used to keep microphones at the right distances from guitar and base amplifiers in live as well as in studio recording sessions. Many recording and performing industry professionals find that recording amplified instruments with microphones produces fuller sound, when done right that is. Microphone sands are widely used at any event with public speakers. When there is a need for sound amplification, microphones stands hold the microphones at the right place to allow for best sound quality a well as maneuverability of the speaker. Microphone stands are used in a variety of studios. Whether it is a music recording studio or a radio studio you will definitely find many microphone stands to accommodate for the different microphones.
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