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By: admin
Birthdays are generally associated with celebrations. Partying, receiving good wishes, gifts and holidaying without any care in the world. These are the main themes of everyone's birthday. But what if I am asked to talk to God on my birthday? I will speak thus:

God, thank you very much for bringing me in this world. Without your wish, I would not have been here. God, I also thank my parents for bringing me to this world with your blessings. I am especially obliged to my mother for taking my care when I was inside her body. God, I thank my father for showing me how to live in this world and being with me in my early days. God, today, I thank everyone who has played any role in helping me in my life till today. I also thank the earth, the sky, the nature and everything without which the life would be no where.

God, I also apologize to everyone today. I might have knowingly or unknowingly hurt many people in my life. I apologize to them. God, I might have done many wrong things in my life but I have also done few good things with your guidance. God, I am proud of my achievements and myself. I know that I may not get all that I want and may not reach all of my goals, but with your guidance I will try to achieve as many of them as possible. I want to contribute in a small way to make this world a better place. Please guide me about that. What should I do so that I get inner satisfaction of doing something for the society.

God, on my birthday today, I wish to remove all anger, hatred, jealousy, envy and every other negative emotion from my heart. I want to cleanse my heart and refill it with feelings of love and joy. God, please help me celebrate my birthday this way. God, Thank you.
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