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Bothering with a compensation claim after an accident or injury is a wise decision. Many people don't bother thinking it's not necessary, however after several years of struggle it's too late to start over.(read entire article)
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Many law enforcement departments now have increased the academic requirements for law enforcement officer, security personnel or other position that requires knowledge in criminal justice, most of them require at least an associate degree for the position(read entire article)
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There are many majors in criminal justice. Let us look at the most popular ones - justice administration, forensic sciences, corrections management, court reporting, home security, juvenile management, law enforcement, economic crime, cyber crime(read entire article)
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The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), passed into law in 1994 and amended in 2001, provides hope for immigrant domestic violence survivors.(read entire article)
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Really, if you want to know how to pass a drug test, the simplest solution is to stop doing drugs. I have no moral argument here. They are just plants that scare people and lawmakers.(read entire article)
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Has this ever happened to you... You're at home enjoying your meal and you get a knock at your door. "My name is Jack and I'm calling from (company name), have you or your family had an accident in the last 3 years?(read entire article)
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When looking for a lawyer to handle a personal legal matter, you can usually find one by contacting the local bar association or an attorney referral service in your area.(read entire article)
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Forcible rape and attempted forcible rape between people who know each other, either casually or well, make up a sizeable percentage of the false accusations in the criminal justice system.(read entire article)
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By: admin
The Social Security Administration is providing each member with individual Social Security Number. The rationale behind the issuing of Social Security Number is to facilitate the processing of claims and benefits.(read entire article)
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The United States Permanent Resident Card, better understood as the Green Card, is the identification card of individuals who live permanently in the United States but are not U.S. citizens.(read entire article)
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A criminal attorney basically represents someone accused of a crime in court. Let me give you a little background before explaining what it is exactly that a criminal attorney does.(read entire article)
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By: admin
Victims of workplace accidents are generally scared to claim against the company they work for. However, by speaking to a personal injury specialist in work accidents can eliminate the fear and confusion to proceed.(read entire article)
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