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By: admin
Parents need to find solutions to teen-age problems, very fast. This generation is in a hurry. They have no time to pause and ponder. Being young, impressionable minds, they are easily carried away. They want quick rewards, efforts or no efforts. For every question, the youngsters have a counter-question. As a matter of course, this generation picks up bad habits. Smoking is one such serious habit, which needs to be checked well in time.

To help your child stop smoking is your parental responsibility. Do not show any latitude on this count.

Teenage smoking has been increasing at a phenomenal rate for the last few decades. The reasons may be many, but if the elder members in a family smoke, you can hardly do anything morally about smoking.

This negative tendency is also given additional fillip by advertisements in TV, newspapers, and calculated encouragement by the tobacco manufacturers. This habit has assumed alarming proportions in the college-going youngsters.

The father and mother alone can not help the teenage child. His social environment also compulsively influences him. So, they need to be provided with helpful resources for identifying remedy for their compulsive smoking addiction.

Educating the teenagers on compulsive smoking addiction, should be a part of the school syllabus. There are many stop smoking centers, run by private individuals or voluntary organizations. Provide your son with their telephone number, and if necessary take them along you, a couple of times.

There is another danger about smoking. Smoking is just the first step of the ladder of a series of destructive habits. The child, after taking course to smoking, may indulge in self-destructive behavior and neglect studies.

Notice these early warnings and your child's changed behavior, to take corrective measures immediately.

The future of the family depends upon the children. It is your duty to give them good education and a solid foundation as for their moral and ethical values.

Children generally take to habits like smoking because of a lack of communication between the members of the family and the children. You will be the party to their moral doom, and ethical disaster unless you do something tangible, well in time.
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