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By: admin
How do you view your personal debt?

Are you loaded down with it? Do you feel like there is no way out? Have you ever thought that how you view debt might be the problem?

Every aspect of your life, at some point, you wanted. You say "I didn't want the debt", but you wanted the thing that came along with the debt, or whatever you exchanged for the debt; maybe it was a house, the car or the car repairs, the clothes.

Debt was just a way to live a certain dream - a means to an end - a way for you to get to your dream faster. Now granted, it may not have been a well planned out dream, but it was a dream just the same.

Think about a debt you have, no matter how big or small. What did you get for that debt? Think about it.

You received something in return for the debt - an equal exchange - but right now, you think what you received was far less than the debt you now carry around.

Think back before the debt, back to the point where you wanted that particular thing, where no debt was too great just as long as you got what you wanted.

Back then you didn't think what you were receiving was small. Actually you thought the deal was pretty fair, or else you wouldn't have entered into the debt to begin with. For the most part you not only thought it was fair, but that you got the far better deal!

What has debt done for you?

Most will say nothing, or made me angry, or made me have a horrible ulcer worrying about it, but what has debt really done for you? It allowed you some comfort!!

For some people debt allowed an extra night of sleep knowing they could pay the mortgage on time. For some it was to be able to purchase a home. For others, it was the ability to feed their kids when they had no cash, buy gas, or hold them over till it was payday. For some it was Christmas gifts, but you fast forward a few years, and now this same debt is a horrible thing. Amazing how time changes our perception of things.

Take away the debt you are complaining about, and remember the GIFT this debt brought with it. How different would your life be right now without that?

How has time and thought changed the meaning of your debts?
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