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By: admin
Many people find it hard to keep going when the going gets tough. They try to pump themselves up with visions of what they can accomplish, or earn. Than they fall flat on their faces. So many attempts to get over the obstacles and so many failure and they quit. There is only one answer, who have you helped besides your self today.

We often try to externalize, when it comes to things like happiness and motivation. We say to ourselves if I'm more like so and so I'll have the things I want and I'll be happier. This the short timer mindset, this motivation doesn't last long because most people don't love themselves enough to stay motivated through the hard times. Besides how can you be happy acting like someone else and not being who you are.

Start asking yourself how can I help the people in my life. How can I help my spouse or significant other? How can I help my family, my friends, my co-workers. After you've done that take action. Start doing things for them and a wonderful thing will happen. You will become more motivated. Not only will you become motivated because you're helping them you will become motivated because you will realize your success will give you the means to be more helpful to them.

There's another wonderful benefit that comes with helping others. You will love yourself more. Read that again you will love yourself more! Your self esteem will actually grow. You will realize you're a good person worthy of success. Most importantly you will stay motivated during the hard times.

Happiness and motivation come from within ourselves, but ultimately success comes from with out. If you're helping others you're helping yourself. If you're helping others you will have happiness and motivation, you will already be successful even if you don't make a dime.
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