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By: admin
For most of us the finding true happiness means a search for an ideal life.

Ideal. It lives in your imagination and seeks to express itself in your life. Nurture your ideal. Let it breathe in your soul.

You can always be an idealist by believing in the plausibility and possibilities of imagination. Like John Lennon who said, "reality leaves a lot to the imagination," be a dreamer.

Imagination revealed things in various science fiction stories never existing before that are today common place. Imagination fueled the work of Albert Einstein. Imagination makes hope and faith tangible.

We can create paradise on Earth. Want to live forever? Want to never get sickness or disease? Want to eradicate poverty? We'll invent a way! For every problem there is a solution. We are inventing new things all the time, and at a more and more accelerated rate.

"If your mind can dream it and believe it, you can achieve it" is a popular saying. It reminds us that we have control and mastery. Can you dream? Can you believe? Of course we can. It's child's play!

Imagination lets you savor and have gratitude for every moment of your life and turns negatives into positives. Believing that everything happens for the greatest good makes everything an ideal situation. So you can always be in an ideal situation, thanks to your imagination.

Do you ever notice that we have a knack for creating our own truth? Do you see the truth of that situation? Ever notice how our prophecies and predictions get fulfilled? How expectations meet us at our level of expecting? Makes for good reason to expect the best!

Imagination can fill in all the places where we are lacking. So dream it to be it, that's what thoughts are for. Who could ask for more?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. All of life can be beautiful if seen through the eyes of love. Our vision, as well as all our senses, are an extension of feeling. Feel love and you have what is called the rose colored-glasses effect. Something we create for ourselves with our idealist imagination.

Love is there when one only sees perfection. In such a state, it is easy to say that love is all that matters. It is the state of mind of poets, lovers, and dreamers. They practice the art of fantasy, play, discovery, and adventure.

Happiness can be found through creative expression. That is idealism in action. Reality is never static as it is always being shaped. We need not conform to stifling rules and boundaries. We need not be boxed in by limitation. Imagination has no limitation!

Our life is a product of our imagination. Expand your perception and you'll find the world itself expands.

We are knowing and having more and more. We are also having more and more to look forward to. It is because we are growing and evolving. What will we evolve to be? Can we grow wings and fly to heaven? Or beyond?

What is ideal? We may not know yet, but will certainly come closer and closer to not only finding out, but growing into it as well. Use your imagination to think beyond the brink, feel it real, and boldly be. You will achieve the ideal.

Through our finding true happiness we can achieve our perfect life.
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