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About one in every 10 five-year-olds experience bed wetting. This is why bed wetting in young children is an acknowledged and accepted condition, similar to experiencing measles. That is, children develop immunity from measles and they eventually outgrow bedwetting.

Bed wetting in older children, although less talked about, is also an accepted condition. Parents even seek out the help of health professionals to find solutions to stop or reduce the bedwetting. Among teenagers, bedwetting is already embarrassing. Yet, there are recognized remedies to address this condition of some unfortunate teenagers.

Among adults, bedwetting is an issue that has become taboo. Adult bed wetters do everything so that their condition will not be known by any of their friends. Invitations from friends asking them to be house guests leave them in terror. And their bed wetting may be the major reason why they never pursue more intimate relationships with their loved ones.

Unfortunately for people suffering adult bed wetting, there is very literature available that dwell upon their enuresis problem. And many adults who have this problem refuse to seek medical help. For those who actively search for treatment, they run against a wall.

Almost all physicians, such as general practitioners and urologists, do not know how to deal with adult bed wetting. Psychologists and psychologists offer no answers. Even people who practice alternative medicine, such as acupuncturists, hypnotherapists, and homeopaths, have nothing in their sleeves to help a person overcome adult bed wetting.

Some adults who suffer bed wetting even undergo an experimental method, called the Pavlovian method, which is just two-steps behind from masochism. The psychologist Pavlov has nothing to do with this method, except that it was based on his theory of classical conditioning.

This Pavlovian method entails the adult to place himself under an extremely cold shower each time he accidentally voids his urine during his sleep. The cold shower is a form of punishment. And theoretically, if a person suffers, he will no longer wet his bed. Such method is a failure simply because there is an underlying reason for adult bedwetting

Adult bed wetting is often triggered by a certain medical disorder. A doctor should conduct tests, such as urinalysis, urine culture, and neurological examination, to determine which medical problem has led to adult bedwetting. Some of the identified problems are:

- Diabetes
- Cancer in the bladder
- Infection in the urinary tract
- Enlargement of the prostate gland
- Presence of stones in the urinary tract
- Defects in the nervous system, particularly the central nervous system

If the above medical problems are addressed or alleviated, the adult bedwetting can be ultimately stopped. In the meantime, the adult may turn to medications that will reduce the frequency of bed wetting.
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