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Blackpool is a small town in Lancashire. Not too long ago was Blackpool a hamlet by the sea. This antiquated Midland resort however is soon becoming a popular holiday resort in England. It does not boast a large population and hence is an ideal spot for a holiday. Due to its gaining popularity, the summers are now filling up with a lot of tourists. This has been a holiday spot since Queen Victoria's times. Often people belonging to the working class would visit Blackpool for a short but refreshing break. Its main attractions are its beautiful beaches, towers, amusement parks and piers. This small town often reminds you of Atlanta city or even a bit like Vegas but in a very different Victorian way.

So if you are looking out for a holiday that is fairly inexpensive but every bit relaxing and entertaining, Blackpool is your spot. Even if you can't afford to take a couple of days off from work and have only the weekends off, this is an ideal spot for you. It is a small town and the weekend is just about enough for you to have a quick look around. It is easily accessible as there are several trains to Blackpool from Manchester as well as Liverpool. Especially for those who live in Manchester, Blackpool isn't very far away. It is about an hours drive away. It's near but a complete different experience from Manchester. With its amusement parks, sites, rocking nightlife, it is entertaining and great fun.

So how do you go about planning this trip?

First you need to find yourself a good hotel, one within your budget. Blackpool has tons of resorts and hotels. You have a wide variety to choose from. They offer you fantastic rates. You can book rooms ranging from rates at 20 pounds per night to rooms that charge over 50 pounds a night. Accommodation in Blackpool bears no problem at all. You can check in at a guesthouse or live it king size in a luxurious hotel. The hotels are well placed all over Blackpool, so depending on which area you want you can find a hotel or guest house to suit your needs.

What is really great about the hotels is that each one is unique and they all provide you with great views. The hotels boast beautiful architecture and Victorian styles. You will find plenty of hotels that offer you the ocean view, view of the promenade, view of the Blackpool tower, the North Pier, Central Pier, etc. Most of the hotels here have their own restaurants and bars, and hence you need not bother about food or drinks. There are several large hotels that have over 130 rooms each. You have guesthouses as well as hotels ranging from three stars to five stars. You can always be guaranteed shelter in a hotel at any time of the year in Blackpool. However you may want to be on the safe side and book yourself a room in advance since Blackpool is becoming a tourist hot spot.

Now that we've firmly established that there is no hassle or problems with accommodation. For those of you who have a keen eye, you can even find cheap bargains with rooms and interesting offers all through the year to Blackpool. Depending on when you visit Blackpool, you get different offers. Like if you're visiting during November to mid March, you can be sure to find low rates. If you are looking only for bed and breakfast accommodations, you can be sure to find especially low prices.

March to July marks the mid season in Blackpool and you can find accommodation at reasonable prices. The peak season is mid July to end August. In this season most of the rates are high but you can still find good deals. You can find accommodation at about 56 pounds per night. During the winters you can find several interesting packages that offer you a 4-night package with half board accommodation and an unlimited membership to a local health club. These offers are usually during the week.

You also get to choose from a wide range of guest rooms. You can chose from single rooms to family rooms. The room has a TV, tea-coffee making facility and central heating. Most of the hotels and guest rooms in Blackpool pride themselves on doing their best to suit the accommodation needs of everyone at reasonable prices.

Blackpool is an interesting place to have a vacation at and what is more, it is affordable. At a low price, you can have a fun filled holiday.
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