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Planning a fun day for everyone in the family can be tricky. Some get a rush from exhilarating rides, while others dream of being on the set of an action movie. Universal Studios offers unlimited excitement for thrill-seekers and movie lovers of all ages.

Prepare yourself for a day at Universal Studios -- literally. Those who arrive unprepared can miss out on a lot of the fun, so follow these tips to make the most of your day while you tour Universal Studios.

Keep it Cool

You can expect it to be very hot at Universal Studios. Make sure that you, and especially your children, are dressed in cool, breathable cotton clothing. Consider bringing extra clothing that you can change into after you get soaked on the water rides, or if you just need to freshen up. While the park is very hot during the day it does cool off at night, so you might want to bring a sweater to wear in the evening.

Take Steps for Comfort

As you tour Universal Studios, you'll be walking -- a lot. Whatever you do, make sure that you're wearing comfortable shoes that have been broken in. Do not wear new shoes, because Universal Studios is no place to break out in blisters. If wet shoes bother you, bring an extra pair to change into. You'll get very wet on some of the rides.


Make a list of small accessories that you may need as you tour Universal Studios. It can be a very noisy place, and some of the attractions are deafening, so bring along some earplugs for everyone in the family. Sunscreen is an absolute must, as are hats to protect you from the sun. Leave your purse at home or locked in the trunk, and use a fanny pack or backpack instead. There are also lockers available through guest services if you need a secure, dry place to store your belongings while you have a blast in the park.

Be an Early Bird

Tour Universal Studios early in the day. The park will remain open several hours after the tour has closed for the day, so you'll still have time for rides. Designate a meeting place with everyone in your party, just in case you get separated. Make sure that everyone in your group has a map, and that they know how to read it!

No Fun for Little Ones

Babies and toddlers will not have fun at Universal Studios, and they'll make it hard for you to have fun. It's better for both of you if you leave babies and toddlers with a sitter. If you do bring young children along (or even if you don't) consider purchasing VIP passes. The passes allow you to move to the front of the lines for the attractions, saving time and keeping you from getting bored waiting in lines.

Eat Smart and Buy Smart

Food inside Universal Studios is very expensive. To save money, buy food just outside the park gates in City Walk. Save your souvenir and gift shopping until the end of the day, so you don't have to carry packages around with you. Universal Studios offers a package delivery service that allows you to pick up your purchases near the exit. If you find a special souvenir that you just have to buy, take advantage of this service and pick them up at the end of the day.

There are no rules to having fun, but there are ways to make sure you get the most fun from your day. Plan ahead before you tour Universal Studios, and your best souvenirs will be your memories of all the fun you had.
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