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By: admin
I love entertaining people in my home. Nothing excites me more than opening my doors and allowing others to enter my small world. I love cooking for people and making a great and relaxing evening for them. I guess I love it so much because my mother was constantly inviting friends over for dinner parties during my childhood years. She would teach me little aspects of entertaining each time she threw a party. One of the biggest things she taught me, however, was the importance of using the right flatware for every occasion.

It might sound excessive to some people, but my mother had over sixty sets of flatware in our home growing up. It does sound like a lot, but not when you consider that my mother was hosting dinner parties at least twice a week for at least thirty years straight. She had to have a variety of flatware as she entertained all kinds of people for all kinds of reasons.

I would often get to go shopping for flatware with my mother before an extra-special party that was coming up. My father would give her permission to buy yet another set of flatware and we would head off to her favorite shops and see what we could find. She would always choose flatware according to the time of year and the theme of the dinner party she was throwing.

As I got older and began to throw my own dinner parties, I quickly realized how much I needed the right kinds of flatware for the parties I threw as well. I realized that it quickly gets boring to use the same flatware for a Christmas party and a summer picnic party. So my husband graciously began to learn that I needed new flatware quite often. If he wanted me to prepare meals for his business executive friends, then he had better let me throw great parties with great flatware.

You can find great flatware at a variety of places. The important thing is to have an idea of the kind of flatware you want before you shop. Think about the kind of party you are throwing and the guests you are having. See if you can't find the perfect flatware that meets all your needs. Of course, remember too that you will probably use this flatware multiple times, so make sure you do not get anything too trendy that will quickly go out of style.
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