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By: admin
Mom never needs to shout how much she cares about her kids. Universally moms remain the same even though the kids grow into men, real heroes of the country. Those are the lucky mothers who can see her kid growing in front of her eyes, people say. But we know what a mom suffers while living without her college-going growing child. Month after month passes without a visit. The conditions of her children are also pathetic. Even pressure of studies cannot make them forget mom's simple caring identity, attitude, little smiles around, her touch, delicacy of home made fresh cookies, the way she embraced her kids, the most pleasant gifts particularly from mom in those special childhood days and all the great things that mom always made sure they had. But at any cost they must grow into real men.

Home made delicacies are replaced by junk foods; mother's caring hands are replaced by work schedules and routines; the faith that "mom will pull me out' changes into "loneliness at the end of the day'; story telling nights are already changed into a sleepless one. Some simple sentences roam around, a haunting "Miss you mom... Need you... Where are you mom?" They feel the weariness of "Miles to go before I sleep."

Mom is there but miles and miles away. Her speechless, unutterable feelings thrive for ways of expression. Psychologists say, this creates a never manageable gap in the sweetest relationship in earth. They also say that gifts with motherly touch in a regularly basis can generate such miracles which is beyond the capabilities of even regular telephonic conversations.

But how does a mom cope up with child's ever new cultural identities? How does she decide the best gift for her child! How does she identify with the changing age and need of her child! Here are a few suggestions from a specialist, a mom in her personal life, whose only son is studying far away from home.

Primary stage:

1) Try to identify yourself as a mom.

2) Try to remember which of your motherly affections his or her most favorite was.

3) Identify the Man or the Lady in your grown up kids.

Next stage:

4) Try to be simple while selecting articles for care packages.

5) Maintain a balance between his or her needs and your desires.

6) Fill the most part of the care packages for your college going child with nonperishable food / food products (NB. No junk food.)

7) Send some smiling photographs of family members including pets with cards and letters with the care package.

8) While adding other articles take care of the minute details like the brands he or she liked, needs, which article of the last care package they appreciated most

9) Remember their special days like birthday, exams, etc. and select items accordingly with proper emphasis. Make the care package fun-packed.

Final stage:

10) send the packages regularly. Select the proper shipment settlement so that the care packages for your college going children reach them in time and FRESH.

This list of suggestions is not complete in itself. This is only the tip of the iceberg and you will need to cross hundreds of really difficult hurdles like, shop to shop marketing (really a time consuming affair), proper creative and attractive packing, on time shipment (also making sure that the care package is delivered on time and to the proper person), etc.
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