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By: admin
If you are planning to buy is private jet for personal business use there are several considerations to keep in mind before making the final decision. In this article I will be covering those few key elements which can help you make the right and positive judgment. This article will help you realize the true cost and benefit of the purchase of that private jet.

Be specific in the definition of your requirements:

You need to be very specific in determining how many hour you or the employees of your company fly each year. The standard is if you fly more then 300 hours per year then you need to consider a corporate jet which will be able to effectively fulfill your travel requirements. On the contrary if you are flying less then 300 hours per year then you shouldn't go for purchasing the jet. An alternative to this is partial ownership. You could very easily avoid many of the costs of owning 100% of a jet. If the need is not substantial then there is no need to pay thousands if not millions of extra dollars which could be easily saved.

Other factors need proper consideration too, like insurance fees, fuel costs, food, charges of hanger etc., although you can have other companies take care of all that for you. However, that will be against a huge sum of money. Then you need to look into the travel needs in terms of how many people would be flying at the same time. If at any point more then 10 people are going to fly then you should look for executive jet with capacity of more then 12 people. The price ranges from $6 million to $16 million.

Once the decision to purchase a private jet is finalized then you need to start shopping for various options. No matter how good a company is or how good the offer sounds it never hurts to weigh various options. Once you have located a private jet that fulfills your requirements and needs then you need to get that checked by specialists and negotiate on prices. If you can manage to find a good broker or agent he can help you save quite a lot of money.
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