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By: admin
By your choice of not forgiving, you have chosen to shackle yourself like prisoners to your past! This holds you back from experiencing your true Divine Potential. You carry the great weight of shame upon your shoulders, the burdens upon your back, the grudges and revenge reek havoc in your mind and the ball chained to your leg impedes your forward growth. You hold the power and one of the keys that can potentially heal you physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, ultimately setting you free!

When we carry grudges, resentments, old hurt and pains we end up hurting ourselves more than the ones that we perceived did the hurting! Being unforgiving is detrimental to our entire being! Coaches, counselors and doctors attest to the damage that is done by failing to forgive ourselves and others. The majority of illnesses that are treated are due to emotional problems. Depression, anxiety and destroyed relationships are normally caused from carrying resentment and bitterness which is unforgiveness.

Forgiveness has to be given without resentment and in honesty. It must be completely genuine or else it is not truly forgiven. You are only fooling yourself if you do not truly forgive from the heart. What if the person we are forgiving does not feel that they have done anything wrong? It doesn't matter, forgive them anyways! As with all choices presented to each of us during our course of life, they have choice on taking responsibility for their own role. If the other person involved chooses not to accept responsibility, that is ok! Self-empowerment is taking care of yourself and doing things for yourself. You do not need another person's permission to heal yourself! Take back your power, forgive them, rid the energy and move on with your life! You do not need their permission or approval for you to forgive them. You owe this to yourself. You are only responsible for your own healing. In truth, when you do forgive the other person, a higher part of this being, knows and accepts your forgiveness. So in essence, you are helping the other person by your unselfish act of forgiving them! Really it is a win-win for all involved. Although the person not taking responsibility for their involvement will stay stuck in their life where they are at. But as with all things, they will evolve when the time is right for them.

A lot of hurts and pains are buried deep within our subconscious mind. We do not remember them therefore we feel we are free of them. This is not so! This hurt and pain IS an energetic memory stored within our being. It runs our lives! It is a program that keeps replaying over and over, one that stifles your growth forward as it holds your consciousness in victim mode. Forgiveness is something that needs to be done in order to heal yourself physically, raise your vibration, leave victim consciousness, and move forward in your life. Forgiving someone does not mean you are accepting the person's behaviour. Forgiveness is more about releasing the harmful energies that are overshadowing your personal health and wellbeing than letting someone else off the hook for their misdeeds. When you hold onto the pain, resentment, fear, hurts and other emotions you give your power away to the one whom has done the hurting. When you do not forgive this person and yourself you allow subconscious programs to run your life. You keep yourself locked in a repetitive victim cycle until you are ready to release these energies and programs.

I am ready to heal myself. I am ready to forgive everyone that has ever done me wrong, how do I do this? Here is an exercise that you can do by yourself that is very powerful and freeing! It takes some time but is definitely worth every ounce of effort you put into it.

Go into your physical sacred space, sit and start a list. Go back into your life as far as your memory can remember and start writing down every single name that you "see" or "hear" that you feel has created any type of hurt, pain or suffering. Go right back to the very beginning. Think of your parents, siblings, relatives and neighbours. Go back to your school days. Go into your work place. Write down every single name without judgment. When you feel your list is complete, go back again and this time, write down all the names that you feel you have hurt either intentionally or unintentionally. Be as honest with yourself as you can. Remember you are the only one suffering by not taking responsibility for your own actions! After you are done, go through the list and for each person say, "I AM the Violet Flame. I forgive (name) and I forgive myself now. I release all karmic energy that we have together in all directions of time. I send you love and bless you on your way. I call upon the power of God to cut any and all psychic cords between myself and (name) now. These psychic cords are now lovingly severed, lifted, loved, healed, released and let go into the Violet Flame. I therefore accept fully and completely the healing of my relationship with (name) now. Thank you! So be it and so it is "

This does take awhile but it is very powerful! Free yourself and move on! If you feel like there was someone you still have trouble forgiving, keep coming back and repeating the affirmation for this person or people daily, until you feel you have forgiven them and yourself completely. I would like to also say that just because you have forgiven someone for their part in your learning experience, this does not mean you have to resume a relationship with this person if it has already been severed! You forgive and move on.

Some other very powerful ways to free yourself with forgiveness are through energy work, meditations and visualizations that work specifically to deprogram your subconscious mind.

You have the power within to change your life, who do you need to forgive right now?
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