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By: admin
If you are going to work and do a lot of browsing on the Internet, the first thing you need to learn is how to take care of your computer system.(read entire article)
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By: admin
Viruses, Bugs, Worms, Dataminers, Spybots, and Trojan horses. The Internet is a veritable minefield of things that can invade your PC and affect it's Security and Performance.(read entire article)
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By: admin
You know the basics of computer virus protection -- "don't open email attachments' from senders that you do not know." If you follow this simple rule, your computer will be safer than most.(read entire article)
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By: admin
Not too long ago, a friend of mine mentioned that one of his coworkers recently recovered his stolen identity. I asked how long the process took. "Only two years" he replied. Compared to my business partner's six year nightmare "only" may be appropriate(read entire article)
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By: admin
The Internet has opened up whole new avenues of freedom for people: freedom of information, thoughts and the ability to achieve anonymity while still being active in a community. This freedom has been latched onto by a large proportion of the Internet use(read entire article)
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By: admin
Internet monitoring is a necessary part of having internet service. Whether you allow your children to surf the Web or if you have the need to monitor employees, effective programs can be used to help you to do this simply.(read entire article)
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By: admin
What we need is the Dewey Decimal System to go digital. Specifically, someone needs to coax their keepers into putting some logical order into how computer viruses are sorted.(read entire article)
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By: admin
Today, more and more people are using their computers for everything from communication to online banking and investing to shopping. As we do these things on a more regular basis, we open ourselves up to potential hackers, attackers and crackers.(read entire article)
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By: admin
The average computer is packed with hidden software that can secretly spy on online habits. There are currently over 38,000 spyware and adware programs that are infecting innocent Internet users such as yourself(read entire article)
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By: admin
Beware of the three ways of getting fooled into giving up your money through seemingly innocent money-making schemes. Scams are all around us and it can be found in every single area of life,(read entire article)
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By: admin
Identity theft is now more prevalent than ever. A person can use your personal information, bank details or credit card details without your permission for personal gain.(read entire article)
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By: admin
If you're going to connect to the internet, you need to protect your computer, otherwise it's like leaving your front door wide open with a big "Robbers Welcome" doormat on your front step.(read entire article)
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By: admin
Spyware is a "malware" or malicious software that is placed on your computer without your knowledge.(read entire article)
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