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By: admin
A "gap year," also known as "a year out," is that year taken between high school and university, or after university and before getting a job, to travel and explore the world.(read entire article)
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1. Visit Downtown Disney It costs nothing to visit Downtown Disney. There are lots of fun shops to stroll through and plenty of people watching oportunities.(read entire article)
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A region on the West coast of Italy, Tuscany is a fantastic destination for a truly unique vacation.(read entire article)
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After your honeymoon, that's it for luxurious vacations right? You've now got your mortgage to think about, car payments, utilities, saving for children if you plan to have them, insurance, credit card debt and then there's everyday expenses like food.(read entire article)
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Have you ever been to Romania? If not you should, in fact everybody should, simply because it's really beautiful and you can see a lot of things, like the castle Dracula lived in, the Black Sea(read entire article)
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Close your eyes and imagine a Caribbean vacation. Done? The images you called to mind probably contained pristine white beaches, aquamarine waters, and plenty of palm trees.(read entire article)
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Gatlinburg in Smoky Mountains is becoming more and more popular as a vacation spot, with nearly 10 million visitors arriving in the area each year.(read entire article)
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During the vacation I got to see many of the wonders that Amsterdam has to offer. One of the first things I went to see was the Van Gogh Museum.(read entire article)
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By: admin
We recently returned from a trip to China. No, China isn't exactly a destination location for us. It is the mother country of both of our daughters. Our recent trip was to adopt our second daughter, Raegan Jean.(read entire article)
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From time to time everyone needs some time away from their life. It does not matter if you are 10 years old and in fifth grade or 35 years old and working a full time job, to maintain good mental health you have to take the occasional vacation.(read entire article)
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I recently had the privilege of traveling to a third world country. I realize that using the word "privilege" when talking about an underdeveloped country may seem incongruous; however, it proved otherwise.(read entire article)
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By: admin
Holland, a country renowned for having unbelievably flat terrain, windmills and tulips at every turn, traditional images of canals, and its new face as a modern European nation is a must see for the traveler headed to Europe.(read entire article)
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Cancun is a very popular vacation desination for all ages. Most would define traveling off-peak as "traveling outside rush-hours to avoid overcrowding in public means of transport."(read entire article)
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Some people might look for complete solitude during a tropical island vacation to get away from it all, but no matter how blissful beach holidays can be, some long for great night life as well.(read entire article)
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By: admin
Your vacation is planned, you're packed, but do you have everything you'll need? If you were going on a road trip, it would be wise to download a map and directions to any destinations you aren't familiar with.(read entire article)
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By: admin
Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin is a fun destination for a family vacation, and with a little research and advance planning the trip doesn't have to make your wallet cry out in pain.(read entire article)
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By: admin
The state slogan for Virginia is "Virginia is for lovers" and there are plenty of bed and breakfast locations to help lovers spend some quality time together in a peaceful, relaxing and special atmosphere that simply cannot be found in a hotel.(read entire article)
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