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Articles Self-Improvement Grief

By: admin
When the death of a loved one occurs, regardless or whether it was expected or not, you will find yourself having to deal with a great number of people.(read entire article)
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You may think that emotional issues should be relegated to the couch in your local therapist or psychologist's office, yet if you have experienced anything in your past that has left you feeling hurt, disappointed,(read entire article)
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By: admin
My daughter puts her arms around me, her brown eyes soft and beckoning. Her rounded belly and motherly curves rest against me, and for a moment I choke up.(read entire article)
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By: admin
We live and we die. But while living, most of us don't keep the thought of death in mind. A person suffering from an incurable disease may keep it in his/her mind, but not a normal person suffering from ordinary ailments.(read entire article)
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By: admin
In 1999 my husband Walter Payton, a devoted father and legendary Chicago Bears running back, succumbed to cancer. Not a day goes by that I don't miss him.(read entire article)
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By: admin
One of the worst things that can happen in life is losing a spouse. How do I know? It happened to me -- and in the prime of my life. When it happens, many thoughts and emotions whiz through your mind.(read entire article)
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By: admin
I have seen grief at its worse. A friend of mine lost her husband at sea, and the body was never found. She did not know whether to let go or continue to cling to her hope that someday they would meet again.(read entire article)
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